Switching your Site in Under Construction Mode while Removing Malware

Remove WordPress Malware with Style

WordPress is one of the best CMS on the internet which runs around 30% of overall sites. You can create almost any kind of site with the help of WordPress CMS, be it blog or e-commerce.

There are many benefits of using one of the best CMS but there are disadvantages also. Malware and security threats are some of them. For example, if there are any vulnerabilities in the WordPress core code, plugins, and themes used then many WordPress sites using those elements will be exposed to hacker’s threat.

Malware usually is not specifically dependent on WordPress core exploits but more on the bad coding of your themes and plugins. One of the prime reason for malware intrusion is outdated WordPress Plugins which can lead to a successful hacking attempt.

The hard part is to detect and clean the malware which is a time-consuming job. You can ask help from professional services which have the experience to handle the malware removal and can do the work for you.

The problem with malware is not only the fear of spreading it to users but also Google which will identify a site infected with malware and begin showing a warning to its users that your site is spreading malware. The warning will be immediately displayed on Chrome and other browsers and as a result, your site visitor numbers and search rankings will drop significantly. In some cases, Google will completely de-index the infected website asking its owner to clean it before including it again to its search index.

How to set up an under construction page while cleaning your site from malware

One of the first things which you need to do if your site is infected is stopping your visitors from using your site. This way at least you won’t spread the malware.

Using an Under Construction WordPress Plugin

UnderConstructionPage Plugin can help you set up a stylish landing page in just a few minutes. It allows you to create a temporary under maintenance page which will be displayed to your users. This way even if any of your readers will come to your site they will have to wait until your malware cleanup is completed before they start using your site again.

Create an Under Maintenance Page

The plugin comes with 130+ pre-made templates which you can use to create an under maintenance page. You only need to install and activate the plugin and chose your favorite landing page design.

You can also tailor colors and images to match with the overall design of your site. This way your site visitors will see a similar looking page rather than some other design. If you have time, you can go ahead and add your logos, images, and other stuff to further tailor the page to your brand.

If you want an alternative Under Maintenance plugin you can check Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin which can do a similar job.


These are some of the tips which can help you deal with your site visitors while cleaning your WordPress site malware. If you feel you can’t handle cleaning a WordPress hacked site on your own or don’t have enough free time to deal with malware infections we strongly suggest to seek professional help for removing malware from your WordPress site.

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