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How to trace and clean the monit.php hack

UPDATED: 14th July 2020 Let’s start this tutorial with a tip, if you want to know your site has been infected by the monit.php hack add your site URL before

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The WordPress Popup Builder Vulnerability

Malicious JavaScript code can be injected into Popups Several security flaws have been uncovered in the Popup Builder plugin code. Currently, this plugin has more than 200,000 active installs. Many

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Why does my WordPress site keep getting hacked?

The bitter reality The reason why I decided to write this article is that many times our clients have found themselves in total despair and frustration when their WordPress site

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How to Detect the .bt WordPress Hack

Just recently we cleaned a WordPress site which was apparently hacked many years ago. The hack was still active and our client was lucky that we found it since he

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10 Signs showing your WordPress Site is Hacked

Warning Signs of a WordPress Site been Hacked WordPress sites are notorious for getting hacked. There’s a popular misconception that WordPress is faulty and easy to hack. The truth is,

Bit of WP

WooCommerce Checkout Manager 4.2.6 Vulnerability

The WooCommerce Checkout Manager has been reported by for being vulnerable in arbitrary file uploads. The exploit could be activated by an unauthenticated remote attacker when the plugin “Categorize

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Easy WP SMTP v.1.3.9 Hacked Fix

Easy WP SMTP 0-Day vulnerability Easy WP SMTP is a very popular WordPress plugin that provides routing outgoing emails from a WordPress site to an SMTP server of choice. It