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How to Detect the .bt WordPress Hack

Just recently we cleaned a WordPress site which was apparently hacked many years ago. The hack was still active and our client was lucky that we found it since he

Bit of WP

10 Signs showing your WordPress Site is Hacked

Warning Signs of a WordPress Site been Hacked WordPress sites are notorious for getting hacked. There’s a popular misconception that WordPress is faulty and easy to hack. The truth is,

Bit of WP

WooCommerce Checkout Manager 4.2.6 Vulnerability

The WooCommerce Checkout Manager has been reported by for being vulnerable in arbitrary file uploads. The exploit could be activated by an unauthenticated remote attacker when the plugin “Categorize

Vladimir Milosavljevic

Easy WP SMTP v.1.3.9 Hacked Fix

Easy WP SMTP 0-Day vulnerability Easy WP SMTP is a very popular WordPress plugin that provides routing outgoing emails from a WordPress site to an SMTP server of choice. It

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How to Protect a WordPress site from being Hacked

“WordPress is the best thing ever! I love it!” – said no person ever who’s site got hacked. People tend to blame their hosting providers, plugin, theme and WordPress developers,