Any Website to WordPress Migration Services

Why WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms for building a website

WordPress is now the most popular online CMS platforms. It is used by almost 60% of all CMS websites in the world. In general, nearly 30% of all websites run on WordPress. This means that WordPress is one of the best website platforms one can use in order to create a website of any type (e-commerce sites included).
Some of the benefits of using WordPress for your blog, company or e-commerce website is that it’s very easy to use since you don’t need coding skills, you have full control of your website source code since WordPress is open source so you don’t have to pay licence fees for using it.
Various plugins and themes will help you create a beautiful working website in no time, saving you lots of money, since many of those add-ons are free or cost just a few dollars to use.
A WordPress website will also let you scale its size and functionality while your visitor and user base grows, so there is no need to change platforms in order to satisfy your visitors needs.

Types of websites we can migrate to WordPress


HTML sites used to be the norm for websites decades ago, but not anymore. Convert your HTML site into a WordPress site and be able to update it as many times as you want.


Joomla is one of the most well known CMSs for developing a dynamic website. Convert your Joomla website into WordPress and enjoy its SEO, customization potential, and ease of use.


Replace your Drupal site with a WordPress site and lower your development and handling costs, enjoy its ease of use, and get support from the WordPress community or third party services like BitofWP.


Migrate your dynamic php site to WordPress and be able to manage your website content easier and faster.


Convert your .NET website into a WordPress site and enjoy better inbound SEO and easier administration and usage.


We can convert your old static website to a WordPress site so you can update it and maintain it easier and faster.

What's included in our website to WordPress service

Every successful website to WordPress migration includes the following perks:

  • One month support
  • Pages and posts migration
  • Theme migration
  • Menu items migration
  • Images migration
  • Onsite SEO Setup
  • SEO Permalinks setup
  • Spam Protection
  • 301 Redirects so your existing urls will be redirected to your new ones to retain your website SEO

All work will be done in our own hosting environment. Once finished and approved by you, the client, we will move the migrated site to your own hosting provider, replacing the old one. Keep in mind that your hosting account should be WordPress friendly or else you will need to choose a different one.
In this case we’ll be more than happy to help you find the right WordPress hosting solution.

* All payments are in USD and handled through PayPal’s Payment Gateway.