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WordPress is the most used online CMS on the web so it’s no wonder that hackers prefer to target WordPress sites. There are so many and many of them have not been updated for a while.

Even though WordPress itself is very secure, it needs to keep its core files, themes and plugins updated weekly or bi-weekly. If you leave a WordPress website running on autopilot for a few months, then it’s almost certain that a hacker will try to take advantage and exploit any weaknesses that are found.

Instant Support

We work 24/7, so you can expect a fast reply to your support request. We usually need 24 hours or less to clean a hacked website while we send regular updates of our progress.

Manual hack removal

Even though we do use scripts to automate the procedure every step is monitored, executed and run by a real human who makes sure there is no malware left behind.

No downtime

Cleaning a WordPress site doesn't mean that it must be taken down first. We do advise you to stop working on the website until its fully clean though. In 24 hours or less we'll send you the malware removal report.

3 Month Guarantee

Even though most of our clients never need to clean their site (this also depends on how much attention they pay to updating it and using a safe hosting provider) we offer you a 3 month guarantee. After cleaning your WordPress site from malware where we will clean it for free if it gets hacked again during the 3 month period.

Google Blacklist Removal

Most of our clients find out that their WordPress site has been hacked because Google blocks any access to it. This means that Google has blacklisted your website. Our WordPress Malware Removal service includes all needed actions to notify Google that your site has been malware free so it will be whitelisted and restored to its place in the search engine results.

WordPress Upgrades

Apart from cleaning your site we will update and upgrade your WordPress core files, themes and plugins making sure all of the malware and bad files have been removed. We will also scan, check and clean your WordPress database from any malicious data (for example UTF-7 blog_charset encoding entries found inside the wp_options table).

is your WordPress website hacked?

If your WordPress site has been hacked then you must clean it as soon as possible or the infection will be spread to any other sites hosted on the same hosting account. A hacked website will also force Google to blacklist it and remove it from its index and, as a result, you will lose all of your search engine incoming traffic.

Our WordPress Malware Removal Service will clean your website in 24 hours or less. Once we finish the cleaning we will also offer you a 3 month guarantee where we will clean your site for free in case if it gets hacked again.


This is one of the most common and easily traceable hacks. You can spot the issue when after visiting your site you're being redirected to a different website(usually related to spam or porn). If your site is infected by the malware redirect then expect google to blacklist your site as a dangerous one in 1-2 days. This means you must act right away and clean your site in order to be whitelisted by Google.

Website Backdoors

WordPress Backdoor Hacks are hidden inside the site files and permit hackers to access the site files. This is one of the most challenging hacks and if not properly and poorly removed the hackers will use the backdoor again and again for their malicious purposes.

Pharma Hacks

WordPress Pharma hack is one of the oldest hacks around. It's a spam related malware where it injects spam links which are visible only in Google's search engine results. Its called pharma because most of those spam sites were related to pharmaceutical company sites.

wordpress hacks we can clean


A Backdoor attack is using security hole in your WordPress site in order to upload malicious scripts. Most of the times they stay unnoticed and can harm your site again and again until fully removed. This also is a cross-site type of malware.

Drive-by downloads

In a Drive-by download your WordPress site is used for malicious purposes by requesting your visitors to download onto their local machine an abusive app. As a result your site gets flagged as dangerous to visit by the search engines and AVs.
Pharma hacks are one of the most notorious spam attacks which inject links for black hat seo purposes. Most of the times this type of spam links can only be seen through a search engine results page. They are very difficult to detect and clean.

Malware redirects

Malicious redirects are some of the most popular hacks infecting WordPress sites. Redirects are injected in many ways, for example through a backdoor, and forward your site visitor to another site. Those sites can either spam your visitors or attack them through a Drive-by download.
This type of hack is similar to Pharma hacks, they not only inject spammy affiliate ads onto your site content but they hijack your XML sitemap and harm your WordPress site search engine rankings. They can also take over your Google Search Console account and publish their own XML Sitemap.

MySQL and XSS Injections

These kind of hacks are using your WordPress plugin and theme vulnerabilities to post(inject) XSS or MySQL code through input fields like comments and contact forms. They can take control your WordPress site files, databases and any other site under the same hosting account.

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“BitofWP literally was a life saver. They were able to remove the malware, and get my account reactivated within 24 hours! They are very affordable, responsive, helpful, and nice!
Thanks again for everything!”
BitofWP was a life-saver, or at the very least they saved my sanity and my little indie-author platform from looking like a literary nightmare to the world.
Thank you!”